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A unique combination of high performance fragrance delivery with never-before-seen usability, the Power Flame candle provides benefits scented candle lovers have been craving ... currently available for licensing in all fields of use (exclusively in most fields of use). Bolstered by a substantial intellectual property portfolio that protects the system, the burner, and the refill, this innovative candle technology re-invents candle expectations by solving major scented candle user frustrations:

  • Full Fragrance strength in 10-15 minutes (candles take hours)

    • over 8X faster fragrance delivery from the start & 5X more fragrance in the first hour

  • Selectable Burn Time

    • self extinguishing in one, two, or three hours​

  • Frequent Scent Changes to Fit Any Mood or Occasion

    • move from fragrance to fragrance in as little as one hour​

  • Other Benefits Candle Lovers Enjoy:​

    • a warmer melt pool to reach deeper into any fragrance profile

    • a larger, more stable, soot free flame

    • customizable scent and scent mixtures

    • reusable/permanent burner uses "all wax" refills ... reload and reuse for over 150 hour

    • no mess (just load and re-light)

Learn more by downloading the PDF file above. Learn even more by reaching out to EMD - Complete Innovation by clicking on the "Connect with EMD" button. We'd love to tell you more; samples are available; exclusive licensing is possible in almost every field of use.

If speed-to-market matters, it's already commercialized - so we're ready when you are.

In consumer research (placed in February of 2024), the Power Flame Candle benefits were extremely desirable and delivered remarkable Purchase Intent scores

The key drivers of interest result from three benefits uniquely enabled by the Power Flame technology

89% of scented candle users rate "Full Fragrance Strength in Minutes" as Important with 53% rating it as Very Important

(see how much more quickly and fully the melt pool develops)

Full strength in 10-15 minutes (not hours)

91% of scented candle users rate "Able to Control the Burn Time" as Important with 52% rating it as Very Important

87% of scented candle users rate "Ability to Change Scents Frequently" as Important with 46% rating it as Very Important


(additional patents pending)

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