A unique combination of high performance fragrance delivery with never-before-seen usability, the Power Flame candle creates a unique business opportunity ... currently available for licensing. Protected by a substantial intellectual property portfolio that protects the system, the burner, and the refill, this innovative candle technology re-invents candle expectations with the following:

  • over 6X faster fragrance delivery from the start

  • full power in less than 15 minutes - candles take hours

  • a warmer melt pool to reach deeper into any fragrance profile

  • a larger, more stable, soot free flame

  • controlled burn time (that self extinguishes)

  • customizable scent and scent mixtures

    • a family of 6 fragrances creates 41 unique pairings and combinations​

    • a family of 10 fragrances offers 175 different options

  • reusable/permanent burner uses "all wax" refills ... reload and reuse for over 100 hours

  • no waste

  • no mess

  • Gold Medal WINNER: 2014 Housewares at INPEX 

Learn more by downloading the PDF file above and to the right. Learn even more by reaching out to EMD - Complete Innovation at (630) 893-5800. Samples are available.

power flame candle - lit
Power Flame candle burner and refill package
Power Flame candle design option for gift aisles
Gold medal winner for household goods 2014
Power Flame flame-scape option for gift aisles