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While we understand why a product or approach is having difficulty or might not be working, we choose to focus on how (or how else) it might work. That subtle change from a "devil's advocate" to a champion of innovation remarkably shifts the odds of success in our favor. If the job to be done is worth doing (the opportunity great enough), someone will find out how to do it ... it might as well be you.

At EMD, we nurture, develop, and reward a culture of CHAMPIONING new product approaches by ...

  • ... TRYING





  • ... LEARNING



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why not.png

"Obvious differences are seen obviously"

"Know what you don't know; learn what you can"

"Find the 10th solution"

"Have a vision, then act"

"Suspend initial disbelief"

"Consensus leaves you with vanilla"

"Screen ideas in - not out"

"Choose the POWER OF MIGHT over the poison of might not"

"Seek ideas some people love - not ideas nobody hates"

"Test theories before you kill them"

"Seek forgiveness - not permission"

"Accept useful trade-offs"

"It's better to try and be wrong than to always be right by never trying"

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