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EMD expands your company's capabilities dramatically ... providing a breadth of know-how and focused dedication typically unavailable even in the largest companies.

Our corporate partners use EMD in several ways to enable their innovative product efforts ... ranging from a corporate "skunk works" partner that mines for opportunities, creates business cases, and navigates the tortuous path through development and commercialization to an "on call" place to go to drive through a difficult phase or side step a stumbling block in your existing innovation efforts.

When it's time to graduate from being merely active in innovation to creating the innovative product and establishing a business, it's time to call on EMD.

Some of the work we do for clients regularly includes the following:

  • create meaningful product differentiation

    • make a product work better​

    • make a product work differently (maybe to side step another's patent)

    • enable a useful new product feature

  • create and enable unique solutions (to help enter new markets)​

  • investigate new technology​ - technology scouting and assessment

  • deploy a non-core technical approach outside of your core competency

  • R&D "trauma center" to create a quick fix on the fly

  • method development and technical claim support

  • meeting tight deadlines - project focus

  • design refinement for cost or for manufacturing

  • patent review and Intellectual Property bolstering

  • project management - innovation management

  • design and test for certifications (UL, FCC, JPMA, etc)

  • investigative experimentation - design of experiments

  • competitive assessment

  • formulation and formulation experimental design and optimization

  • failure mode investigations and troubleshooting

  • opportunity driven technical ideation

  • prototype builds (for sales samples or consumer testing)

Each project is different and under unique pressures or requirements. EMD, with our diverse skills and deep experience, will design and execute a path to your success.

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