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EMD offers Complete Innovation ... not just the start or idea, but also the finish through commercialization ... not just a couple of technical and creative disciplines, but all of them (chemical, mechanical, design, electrical, software, and more).

Yes our work gets a lot of awards, patents, and recognition ... but our "trophies" are the products our clients sell and use to generate revenue and profits.

RIGHT NOW, we have 61 products currently selling or in use ... invented, enabled, or developed at EMD

EMD ... Innovation Completed

Sterno Performance Plus chaffing fuel
Cook Tek Heat Wave Bag
Second Chance CO detectors
X-ray machine

Most new product development opportunities are saddled with uncertainty and risk ... innovation efforts linger, stall, and cost too much.

EMD provides comprehensive product development expertise to take you from thought to shelf, from opportunity to profits. Our secret is the people, our process, and our principles we use to minimize your product risk, maintain your budget, and realize your vision. 

Only EMD provides the full Power of Perspectives ... looking at your opportunity through chemical, mechanical, electronic, software, and design lenses. Only EMD has the demonstrated track record of ushering innovation from wish or concept, through development and commercialization, and into market where your investment in our work delivers sustainable returns in revenue and profits.

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