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The notion of the Guardian Angel Outlet was born out of the convergence of 4 data points:

(1) Personal Experience: persistent removal of the plastic inserts by the toddler son of EMD's president

(2) Qualitative Market Research: During discussion groups with mom's of toddlers and infants about a stroller technology being developed at EMD, the moms across ALL of the discussion groups at some point veered off into a discussion of how much they HATED those little plastic inserts ... unsure of whether they worked or not, thinking that it's easier for children to remove them than adults, etc.

(3) Quantitative Research: Penn State University published a study showing that half of the two-year-old's and all of the for-year-old's could remove even the hardest to remove plastic insert in less than 10 seconds.

(4) Industry Regulation: NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) acknowledged the electrical hazard and authored and instituted a new standard for tamper resistant outlets for all new residential construction. However, the newly required mechanical "tamper resistant" outlets only worked in some of the key shock situations.

Clearly, there was a problem/frustration that needed to be solved.


Using the Power of Perspectives and its prowess in all technical competencies, EMD was able to devise a bio-electric solution to what was perceived as a mechanical problem. Using capacitive sensing, EMD created a solution to the 1000's of household shocks that was more reliable, more effective, and more elegant than mechanics could provide. And, the EMD approach protected against all shock situations .. and even protected against shocks for outlets that were in use (no other solution could do so). The EMD approach created an ideal scenario ... no chance (NONE!!!) of accidental electrical shock and no barrier (NONE!!!) to using the outlet for power (no prying off inserts, no removing of outlet covers, no wrestling with sliding mechanisms).

The first 100% shockproof outlet, the Guardian Angel Outlet, was born.


In 2008, the technical concept and its business opportunity won the MIT Enterprise White Board Challenge.

In 2014, INPEX awarded the Guardian Angel Outlet the "Best Invention of the Year."

The Guardian Angel Outlet technology is currently licensed to Guardian Angel Enterprises, Inc - a company dedicated to actively safe juvenile solutions.

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