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Case Studies

Safe Sense Shredders


Fellowes Powershred® DS-1 Shredder

In December 2004, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a report warning against the dangers to children of paper shredders in the house. At the same time, Fellowes had already begun its trek to create a safer shredder. Fellowes had come to EMD with that general desire and some mechanical improvements to make the shredders safe. Instinctively and without hesitation, EMD applied the Power of Perspectives™ to Fellowes’ request, reframed the problem, and found an ideal solution. As it turned out, the answer was not at all mechanical in nature – rather, it was bio-electric. Safe-Sense® was born. Using this new framework

EMD invented a solution so unique that:

  • Multiple utility patent applications were filed.
  • It influenced revised UL standards.
  • The base technology began to be touted by the CPSC.

Through this work, Fellowes delivered a benefit so valuable that:

  • The first Safe Sense® shredder became Fellowes biggest selling SKU ever.
  • The feature is now standard on all models in the Power Shred line.

But EMD’s efforts enabled Safe Sense® beyond merely inventing it. EMD facilitated the path through Fellowes’ technical stage gate; EMD facilitated the technology transfer to multiple Asian manufacturing units; EMD troubleshot gaps in commercialization and post launch execution; and EMD’s cumulated know-how brought the Safe Sense® shredder from idea to retail shelf in less than 15 months.

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